Free Teleseminar
and pre-event program

7 Reasons
to Use
Online VideoThe Sharper <em>Image</em> U-<em>Video Cameras</em> (Case of 2)

. . so you can Increase Your Business
and Profits!

(Creatively and simply explained by Marilee for the
High-Touch, Low-Tech community!)


Date:  Wednesday April 7th
Time:  7 PM Eastern
            6 PM Central
            5 PM Mountain
            4 PM Pacific
Location: In the comfort of your home/office
Cost:  No Charge

Join Marilee on this one hour free teleseminar as she opens your mind to the possibility of You Using Video online - and 7
reasons why you should consider it - and do it!

She will be gearing this to people who are High Touch and Low Tech (great for healers, nurses, health care folk and real people oriented professionals!)

As a special part of this call Marilee will share with you her insight into why this would be awesome for YOU, the (non-computer) PEOPLE PERSON to do online video-

Take less than 60 seconds here to watch Marilee
and hear her message for you.  Click the arrow
in the frame of the box.

Be sure to register because you will be sent a
replay link (great if you
can't make the live call or want to
hear this a second time!)



For over 3 years Marilee has been doing Online Video while having a great time and profitable results! 

She really wants you to join her on this call to learn how YOU TOO can
do the same! 

Marilee will also be telling you
on how you can learn MORE about this with
her in an upcoming training!



Marilee Tolen
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Eastern Time Zone, USA

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