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Who is Behind Home Spa Lady ?

Who She Is and Her Background

Marilee Tolen RN, founder of Home Spa Lady, has a background as a Registered Nurse with clinical experience in Intensive Care Nursing, an ancestral background in natural healing, and extensive training and expertise as a Professional Nurse Healer. A third generation healer, Marilee was raised by parents who taught her to hug trees when she was a child - so to appreciate the healing power of nature, and ultimately the healing power of love.

Marilee is an Alternative Health Care "Industry Expert" and now teaches people how they can access these therapies for themselves.  She interviews nationally and internationally recognized Alternative Health Care Experts on her monthly teleseminar show
"Green Tea with Marilee".

Much of what Marilee teaches focuses on what is available to them
right in their home or techniques that can be done in their home.

Marilee's interesting and vast background. . . .

Dance was Marilee’s passion as a child and she studied the Luigi style of modern dance all through high school, traveling with the USO for 5 years. Drawn to eastern thought, Marilee began practicing Transcendental Meditation in her junior year of high school and noticed the dramatic healing of her teenage acne within one week. Her belief of the mind-body connection was anchored at this point – realizing the body’s ability to create beauty and healing from the inside out – given the right conditions.

Despite Marilee’s love for dance, yoga became her choice of movement as she entered the nursing profession in 1974. Although Critical Care was her area of expertise, in 1978 Marilee began studying the budding specialty of Holistic Nursing - because it was in alignment with her personal philosophy and upbringing.

Professionalism and Expertise

Marilee went on to become one of the country’s first 25 nurses to receive board certification in Holistic Nursing in 1995 through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). She also served as a board member of the AHNA, serving two terms as Northeast Regional Director. Her area of expertise as a Holistic Nurse is in Energetic Healing, Vibrational Medicine, and Intuitive Diagnosis. She has completed the internationally acclaimed four year program in Brennan Healing Science (Barbara Brennan, physicist and healer – author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging) as well as receiving certifications as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor and serving on the board for Healing Touch International. Marilee also completed Intuition Training with Caroline Myss, PhD and Norman Shealy, MD. Other modalities she has studied include aromatherapy, foot reflexology, massage, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, flower essences, hypnotherapy, iridology, and colon hydrotherapy. Her nutritional studies outside of the conventional system include macrobiotics, the body ecology approach, and an astute awareness of the role of Candidiasis in many people’s health today. As with everything, she looks at food energetically and vibrationally. Marilee’s studies in healing are scientifically based, recognizing the marriage of science (quantum physics) and spirituality – resulting in profound changes in the physical body – healing dis-ease, slowing down the aging process, and creating beauty internally and externally.

Already Nationally Known

Marilee has an extensive list of professional presentations that she has offered nationally and in British Columbia - both in conventional and alternative medical circles over the past 15 years. She often joins with physicians and other leaders in the alternative medicine movement to teach both health care practitioners and lay people interested in how to work with nature to let the body heal and rejuvenate.

Years of Experience in Anti-Aging, Cleansing and Detoxification, Longevity Medicine

Marilee began her private practice as a nurse-healer in 1993 and in 1996 she opened an Integrative Wellness Center in New Jersey staffed with physicians and nurses. Anti-aging and Longevity therapies were offered that included IV Chelation, Hydrogen Peroxide, and vitamin drips. Colon Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy steams, and other cleansing and detoxification therapies were offered. Marilee also brought in her influence of the Edgar Cayce remedies that she studied and used for years.

The Key to Success in Beauty and Health – Therapeutic Essential Oils

Since 1997 Marilee has passionately embraced the use of therapeutic essential oils in her personal and professional practices and all areas in her life. In her opinion there is a huge difference between ‘aromatherapy’ and the ‘use of therapeutic essential oils’. As a matter of fact she shies away from saying she ‘practices aromatherapy’ (although she is receiving her certification in aromatherapy) – she sticks with ‘the use of therapeutic essential oils’ – because of the way she uses and teaches about essential oils. She says it is not about the smell – it is about the life force, the ‘chi’ - in the plant that helps the body to heal, naturally repair, and retard aging. Most essential oils in the marketplace and aromatherapy products have chemicals and are adulterated in some way that can be destructive to health. Marilee is impassioned with teaching about the differences in grades of essential oils

Consults to Health Care Systems

Marilee has also played the role of consultant to conventional health care systems and physician’s practices to help them incorporate alternative therapies into their current operations. The truth she likes to unveils about this is that the reasons these systems and doctors want to offer alternative/integrative therapies is because the amount of money that people are paying out of pocket for these therapies is astounding! And they want to be part of it. It has been her observation that their desire to truly learn the holistic health model of care and serve patients and the public within that framework is ‘very low’! Alternative medicine is ‘market driven’ and they don’t want to miss out.

EMPOWERMENT -The Most Important Part of Healing – for great beauty, joy, health, and success

Marilee moved on from her Wellness Center to work independently. Her private clients ranged from dealing with divorce and relationship crises, life stressors, spiritual crisis, to debilitating disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and end stage illnesses. Her practices, and the practices she teaches – can address any life issue – any age – any problems – because the premise of healing in the Holistic Model is always the same. Her philosophy behind these practices is the key to overall healing and a joyful life – and it is about empowering people to be a participant in their approach to High Level Wellness.

Her Personal Mission

While a nurse in the hospital, although she saw many people do well with surgeries and treatments from emergency situations, Marilee also saw people get more sick from medications that were often improperly or over prescribed, along with a tremendous lack of managed care (especially with the elderly and the under educated), and a serious loss of dignity and de-humanization in the process. She saw that this led people to become completely disempowered and develop serious states of hopelessness – needing only to rely on the doctors’ and the systems’ every word. She believes that developing these states of dependency in people has been part of the health care crisis today. In order to make changes in this system, but ultimately for people in their everyday lives, it is incredibly important for people to know and learn that they can do many things to heal themselves at home with natural and safe things that are already at their access.

Her Personal Experience

Marilee spent the years of 1999 through 2003 devoted to the care of her aging and ill parents, seeing to it that they did not lose their personal power in the dehumanizing system of the health care industry. She navigated ways to maximize what the system had to offer – which most often was not much in terms of healing. “The factory approach of which our health care system is runs is nauseating” “It was like navigating through a dark muddy maze, and having lived and worked in that maze before – one would think there would be some recognition of the territory, but the waters were muddier than ever – I can’t imagine what it is like for people who have no clue” Patient care advocacy is one of the most needed things today – but we don’t have to get to that point of need if we know how to embrace the holistic model of health care in our lives everyday. Marilee was able to create beautiful, healing, supportive, and loving conditions at home for the last months of her parents’ lives – both of whom died at home within 18 months of one another. They were able to access great care at home conventionally through Home Health Care that Marilee and the doctors arranged, and then through Hospice when the end was near. Marilee continued her holistic practices and treatments on her parents for their conditions (Dad – emphysema, Mom – kidney cancer) that were natural, comforting, and led to a very peaceful passing for both of them.

Beauty and Anti-Aging are the only Side Effects

Marilee is passionate about teaching people how to do things at home, in their everyday life, to prevent problems and illnesses. Many times these things are historical spa treatments – because of the basis of how it all works in the natural health model. And for those interested in beauty and anti-aging – those are the only side effects!

Following Trends – Holistic Health Practices Accessed Most in the Spa Industry

Marilee naturally has had her finger on the pulse of what is happening in her industry – and early on saw evidence that it will not be the hospital’s Wellness Centers or the stand alone ‘Integrative Wellness Centers’ where people will be flocking for natural healing remedies. They are already headed, in droves, to the Spas. It makes great sense. No bureaucratic red tape, no hassle about “will insurance cover this?”, ‘out-of-pocket’ payments are already well accepted. But – there can be limitations there as well – many prices are prohibitive, and the variations on the skills of the therapist or technician vary widely because there are little to no standards set in this industry. And not everyone has the time or resources to access spas. Where does that leave us? Believe it or not – right where you are! Stay at home and learn that you have so many resources right at your fingertips! Learn from Home Spa Lady what they are and how to use them in your everyday life!

A Statement from Marilee – founder of Home Spa Lady

“I am fully committed to share with the world ways in which we can take care of ourselves at home – on a daily basis, even in the busy–ness of life as it is today – based on the Holistic Health model and philosophies of natural law. This perspective and practices are not unlike Florence Nightingale’s suggestions that taught us to “Put the patient in the best place for nature to act upon them”, or Hippocrates’ wisdom – “Let food be thy medicine”.

Historically, spas have been used for healing the body of pain and disease with baths, waters, anointing of certain oils, laying on of hands, and massage. We are in a time now where we can provide these things for ourselves on a daily basis – to stay healthy, prevent disease, and even treat diseases naturally or by augmenting medical care with natural therapies we can do at home. This is not to say not to utilize conventional medical treatment for disease, nor is it to say don’t go to a day or destination spa. I think both are highly important. But it is to say that you have at your fingertips - right in your own home - ways in which you can assist your body and your life to heal, fight the aging process, elevate emotions, learn to love yourself, better your relationships, stay empowered in life, and function at a higher level than maybe you even thought possible.”


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