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"Heart-Centered Marketing"

for Holistic Professionals

This was a great program!

Stay tuned for how you can find out about how you can access this information


Here is what this course included. . .


A two-hour energy filled course
designed for the
 Heart-Centered Holistic Professional
who wants to learn
how to comfortably and confidently
promote themselves and
their practice/business/products


You will learn:

**How to combat conflicting beliefs about promoting yourself and charging money for the service-oriented work you do. . . . .
. . . . . .so you can confidently share what you do and create a thriving practice / business.


**Why you are 'resistant' to promoting yourself and your practice. . .
 . . . .  so you can discharge those energies and move toward feeling good about your marketing, your practice, and making money.


**YOU are different as a Heart-Centered Marketer because you operate in the "Holistic Paradigm" . . .. . ......and how that actually makes it easier for your services to be accessed
(no need for pushy "sales lingo")


**Why you never need to use the word "sell" when you are promoting a service, business, or product


**How to identify that you already are marketing and promoting whether you know it or not.. .
. . .and how you can bring that to
conscious awareness to make it work for you


**How to use your "State of Being" to put your marketing on "autopilot" (which operates in conjunction with the "Law of Attraction"). . .
. . .so your promotions happen easily and effortlessly


**How to pledge to yourself that you will utilize your fresh new perspective of operating your business / practice with a Heart-Centered marketing mind . . .. . . . . . . .so that you know that deep in your own heart your greatest service is letting others
know about your work


**How to help people see their reason and need for your services or products on their own . . .
. . . .all you have to do is get in front of them


. . . and much more!


PLUS. . .you also receive:

--A formally written "Heart-Centered Marketers Pledge" that you will fill out and sign for yourself to deepen your commitment to yourself, your work, and sharing what you do with the world

--An "Encouragement Sheet" full of positive statements and affirmations for you to read when you are feeling resistant to marketing and promoting yourself and your work

--A "Certificate of Accomplishment" which simply and profoundly validates YOU for taking the step to challenge your engrained belief systems that have been holding you back from manifesting the ability to do your work in the world, get paid well for it, and even support yourself!  It's the small steps that are sometimes the biggest accomplishments - you must be commended!  and you will be for taking this step toward abundance in your practice and business!










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