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. . . become a sought-after expert in your field!


Join Marilee on this Teleseminar with Ali Brown - from the comfort of your own home

when the

 "Ezine Queen"
 "Home Spa Lady"

Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"
Ali Brown, The Ezine Queen

You will get the professionally recorded disc in the mail delivered directly to your door even if you are not on this live Teleseminar




When:  Tuesday June 19, 2007

Time:  5 PM EST
            4 PM CST
            3 PM MST
            2 PM PST

Where: In the comfort of your own home

How:  By picking up the telephone and making a call

Cost: $27 includes the professionally recorded CD mailed directly to you


This Teleseminar is going to tell you how to:

 --Establish yourself as an expert so you can be asked to speak at more events

--Become a resource for your area of expertise and let the media know about you

--Create another way to make money to complement your current income from your practice or business, or start a whole new business!

--Develop a following of loyal fans, clients, students, and customers who love your services, your products, what you offer, or just YOU!

--Show your clients all that you have to offer so that you can maximize your time getting all your info to everyone you know.

--Bring together your knowledge and package it so you can use it in other areas for promotion.

--Collect the names and emails of everyone who visits  your website or blog so that you can stay in touch with them.

--Make money in a way other than working hours for dollars so you can develop a stream of  passive income. 

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Why is Marilee, the Home Spa Lady,
interviewing Ali Brown, the Ezine Queen?. . .

. . .in other words. . .what does learning how to create an Ezine (an electronic magazine, aka on-line newsletter) have to do with a Home Spa?


But Marilee, the Home Spa Lady, is passionate about helping to empower people to get their messages out to the world.

The Home Spa Lady community is made up of many professionals in the health care and healing arts industry. . . and industrious people who have something great to share with the world

Many of these people (meaning YOU!) have great knowledge, information, practices, programs, and ways to help other people improve their lives!

Typically, health care professionals and healing arts practitioners need help learning how to promote themselves and their work, and how to put their words of wisdom out to the world. . .

. . . . this Teleseminar with the Ezine Queen will help you - you will be amazed at how easy this is!

            REGISTER HERE


Once you register you will receive instructions in your email box along with a phone number to call to get on the Teleseminar.

If you can't make the date and time - register anyway because you will get the professionally recorded CD of this event mailed directly to your home.


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