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The "Green Tea with Marilee" Show


Holistic Nursing
and the
Nightingale Moment


Barbara Dossey PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN


Barbara Dossey holistic nursing


Barbie and Marilee at American Holistic Nurses Conference

Here is what people had to say that joined the live event. . . .

"Thank you Marilee for this beautiful opportunity to listen to the words and wisdom of an icon in Holistic Nursing. I especially loved the discussion of Barbie's research on Florence Nightingale. Profound!
Every time I listen to another passionate holistic nurse or other healer, I am inspired and more determined than ever to "be the change you want to see in the world" (Gandhi).....I am so happy to have met you and I will let you know that you inspire me so much as well!  Until we meet again (hopefully soon),   Namaste, Carmen "


Thanks so much.  That was wonderful and so validating for nurses and our work.


"Oh my gosh Marilee, how beautiful!
This call was so magnificent, healing and peaceful. I feel so empowered by it and by Barbie.
Thank you for opening it up to all of us. I certainly needed the healing and I brought it into my breath because of it.
I am so grateful to you.
Donna Marie"


"Thanks  Marilee -  finally got to listen to the interview and really enjoyed it. So inspiring!   Bobbi "


"Dear Marilee,
Thank you so much for your efforts and giving me the chance to listen to that very inspiring interview. Josefina"


"Marilee,   I am so pleased that i was able to do this... Not a computer guru and you made it soooo easy to do!!  It was so good.
At 72 yrs I am still learning, and now to learn about an ipod or MP3
player!!!   : )  Thanks so much!!  How can you know how much you reach your audience if folks do not tell you!!  Be blessed!! Joan


"Thank you very much for the possibility to save it and share with others. I linked to the website a few mins before the session began and stayed tuned till the end of it.
God bless you all,
cecilia :)"

"Dear Marilee
Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to the interview again it was inspiring and look forward to up and coming treats.
Thank you again. Christine"



Marilee Tolen RN, HNC, CHTP/I 
Host, "Green Tea with Marilee" Show

Please. . . . join us for tea!  Green Tea, that is!

"Barbie Dossey is a living legend who has had a huge impact in the world of nursing and holistic health.  She has created new horizons for nurses through her teachings and texts on Holistic Nursing, reminding us all how healing happens through mind-body-spirit interaction. She is someone I have always admired and I am thrilled to bring her to you in celebration of National Nurses Week".
                                                       ~ Marilee

The Green Tea with Marilee Show is launching as a podcast with this interview! 

The Green Tea with Marilee Show presents natural health tips, product reviews, and interviews with alternative health and holistic nutrition experts.

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