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The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

with author

Ori Hofmekler     
(for women and men!)


Estrogen dominance can create:

--belly fat
--hormonal disorders
--prostate enlargement
--enlarged breasts in men
--blood sugar problems
--high blood pressure
--elevated lipids


If you are a woman in any stage of menopause and are experiencing changes in your body, or if you are a man noticing changes in your body. . . and you want to know what you can do about this - then you need to be on this call!


Chemicals ~

--in the air we breathe
--products we use
--lotions we put on our skin
--food we eat
--water we drink

will act like the female hormone estrogen in our body, causing estrogen disorders in women, feminization and sterilization of men, and some of the deadliest cancers in humankind.


. . . estrogen inhibitors can help induce weight loss preventing and even eliminate estrogen related fat gain (stubborn fat) while shifting estrogen metabolism to produce beneficial antioxidants and anticancerous metabolites



The Anti-Estrogenic Diet program is based on a simple principle: The incorporation of anti-estrogenic foods, spices and herbs – and the removal of estrogenic food and chemicals.


Guess Ori's Age!!!  You'll be amazed :)

Ori Hofmekler
The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Creator & Author,
Ori Hofmekler

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet: How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You ...
He covered:

- How certain foods and chemicals could be causing disorders such as obesity, weight gain, diabetes, fatigue, cancer and a host of other disorders in men and women

- How certain foods and herbs can protect us

- How to eliminate stubborn fat in the belly and other estrogen sensitive areas

- How to address the problem of estrogen dominance in men and women

- Viable effective solutions for female disorders (such as endometriosis, PMS, pre-menopause and menopause) which have not yet been treated properly

- Viable effective solutions for male disorders (such as prostate enlargement and cancer, as well as gynecomastia)

- The one dietary principle that can keep the body lean, strong and healthy, but yet is missing in virtually all current diets

- How to protect yourself against estrogen kickbacks due to steroid use


Ori states:
By virtue of its exclusive anti-estrogenic approach, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet is extremely relevant today in light of the current epidemic of estrogen related fat gain, disorders and cancer in men and women."


Who is Ori Hofmekler?

Ori Hofmekler is a modern Renaissance man whose life has been driven by two passions: art and health. Hofmekler's formative experience as a young man with the Israeli Special Forces prompted a life interest in diet and fitness regimes that help improve human survival.

After the army, Ori attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where he studied art, philosophy, and biology, and received a degree in Human Sciences. A world renowned painter, best known for his controversial political satire, Ori's work has been featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Time, Newsweek, L'Express, Dezeit, Der Spiegel, New York Times, People, Rolling Stones, Esquire, The New Republic, Playboy as well as Penthouse, where he was a monthly columnist for seventeen years and Health Editor from 1998 - 2000. Ori has published two books of political art, Hofmekler's People, and Hofmekler's Gallery. As founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of Mind and Muscle Power, a national health and fitness magazine, Ori introduced his Warrior Diet to the public in a monthly column, to immediate acclaim from readers and professionals in the health and fitness fields.

Having numerous followers worldwide, the Warrior Diet has been translated to Italian and French, and featured in health and lifestyle magazines as well as the prestigious Science Journal - Lancet. Ori's dietary and training methods have been endorsed by nutritional and medical experts, scientists, champion athletes and martial artists, military and law enforcement instructors and best seller book authors.

Since the publication of the Warrior Diet book, Ori authored the highly acclaimed "Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat" book, addressing the science and biological principles of muscle gain and fat loss. In 2006, Ori finished writing and editing the Anti-Estrogenic Diet book, dedicated to providing exclusive solutions against fat gain, disorders and cancer due to exposure to estrogenic chemicals in the environment, food and water.

Ori's newsletters have been regarded as "take no prisoners" outlets, with true-to-fact articles on diet, performance and human survival. The Warrior Diet LLC and Defense Nutrition LLC are currently providing an active platform of nutrition and training workshops to their followers, as well as certification seminars to health experts, doctor clinics, coaches and trainers, as well as military and law enforcement instructors. Ori resides with his wife and children in Woodland Hills, California.


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