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" Dear Marilee,
Thanks so much for all your work re: mercury detox - I had been considering this for some time within the context of chronic fatigue. Listening to some of your interviews has helped to finalize my decision - today, I had two of four mercury amalgams removed and the last two are scheduled in two weeks. So far, I am very pleased! Thanks, again, for your part in my healing.


"Green Tea with Marilee"


"The Toxic Dental Office"

with Donald Robbins, D.M.D.

Dr. Donald Robbins is a true advocate for BIOSAFEDENISTRY and has been committed to maintaining strict practice guidelines for more than 25 years.  At his family dentistry practice in Exton, PA, he has not allowed toxic mercury and other metals to be used for oral restoration.  The only metals permitted are gold and platinum when required under porcelain crowns, and pure titanium for implants.  Furthermore, all fluoride has been discontinued and replace by alternative tooth-decay preventative toothpastes and sealants.

Politically active, he serves on committees trying to abolish toxic materials and chemicals found in typical dental offices. He has fought to eliminate mercury from dental use, from medical vaccinations and from the environment. Because of his awareness of toxic and harmful elements in a dental office, his family practice has attracted many patients who are environmentally and chemically sensitive, and who require more intense evaluation before dental treatment can begin.

He is currently conducting research and testing of oral mercury vapor levels in patients to author a scientific paper for publication. 

He currently writes articles for the Dental Page on the website of the nationwide Autism Research Institute (www.autism.com). They are sponsors of Defeat Autism Now (DAN) conferences around the country. He has authored two books (see "Author" page), the latest being The Toxic Dental Office available on the web and soon in bookstores.

"Marilee, it was a great show. I am going to a holistic doc now who said that I had 11 teeth with mercury filling and suggested that I take them out. I am glad because I never knew about when taking them out that they could get into your bloodstream. I think that I may be calling Dr. Robbins for any appointment. I have lichen planus and can't get rid of it. It keeps coming back. The only place I have the problem is in my mouth. How interesting that I started having problems after my 3rd allergy injection and having root canal. Thank you so much for opening my skeptical mind."


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