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"Green Tea with Marilee"


"Holistic Dentistry"

with John Roeder, DMD

Join Marilee as she interviews Dr. John Roeder, a second generation Holistic Dentist, and learn:

  • what is Holistic Dentistry

  • what is Biological Dentistry

  • what makes a Holistic Dentist holistic

  • what type of practices can you expect from a holistic Dentist

  • new approaches to teeth cleaning

  • how you as a patient can get involved in your care

  • why Holistic Dentists love products with therapeutic essential oils

  • the favored and most simple technique people can do at home to keep teeth and gums healthy

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Marilee Tolen RN, HN-BC
Host, "Green Tea with Marilee" Show

Please. . . . join us for tea!  Green Tea, that is!

The "Green Tea with Marilee" Show presents natural health tips, product reviews, and interviews with alternative health and holistic nutrition experts.


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