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Health Effects of Toxic Metals and How To Remove Them from Your Body

with Robert Nash, MD

Do you know what lead, cadmium, mercury, and other metals do in your body?

Metal pollution in your body cause disorders and dysfunction in your:

 Immune system (causing autoimmune illnesses and much more)
Neurological system (ADD, Alzheimers to name a few)

Cardiovascular system (hypertension, heart attacks)

. . . .  and can lead to many cancers like brain, lung, kidney, bladder.........and  more!
Did you know Medicare and other insurance companies pay for detoxification of metals once Metal Toxicity is proven?
Dr. Nash is a Neurologist, Pain Specialist, and an expert in Heavy Metal toxicity with a Chelation practice in Virginia Beach. He is one of the country's foremost authorities on this topic.
Join us and learn more about this very important issue that affects everyone! Children and Adults!

Dr. Robert "Bob" Nash

Doctor Bob is the author of the recently published book, COMMON SENSE MEDICINE: A Medical Doctor's Prescription for Health Care.
� A BS in engineering (1959)
� MS in electronics engineering (1964)
� MD (1973) � Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
� Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
� Diplomate, American Board of Chelation Therapy
� Fellow, American Academy of Neurology
� Fellow, American Academy of Pain Medicine
� Fellow American College for Advancement in Medicine
� Physician
Qualified to Perform Acupuncture

After learning what worked and what didn't work with patients and their problems, Doctor Bob set out on a journey to find what might help his patients when traditional approaches failed.
� He's become very knowledgeable about headache and back pain, sleeping difficulties and other aspects of injuries. This interest in pain led him to study acupuncture. He's been using it to help patients since1992.
� He was led to learn more about the proper use of supplements and that led him to study chelation (key-lay-shun) therapy.
� He's been using chelation therapy, an intravenous treatment given in the office, with great success since 1995. Many patients with vascular symptoms associated with the diseases of aging have had marked improvement.
� He uses chelation therapy to introduce patients to healthier life styles, proper diet, exercise, supplements and other information the patient can apply to improve their quality of life

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