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Gwen Olsen

author of

Confessions of a Rx Drug Pusher: God's Call to Loving Arms



Gwen Olsen



On this "Green Tea with Marilee" Show , Marilee interviews Gwen Olsen, former pharmaceutical drug marketer and author of the whistle blowing book Confessions of a Rx Drug Pusher:  God's Call to Loving Arms.

Gwen Olsen spent 15 years as a drug marketer for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies before she started suffering adverse reactions from some of the drugs she was taking which led her to quit her job. Four years after she quit her job, her niece killed herself, a victim of the very drugs Gwen once encouraged doctors to prescribe.

Also joining the call are three professional women, two of whom are Registered Nurses, sharing stories of their struggles to come off of antidepressant medications, and how they did it with alternative natural therapies.


What people have to say about Gwen and
her book:

"If only all the drug pushers became honest,
we would save over 100,000 lives
each year. Until then, this book
is for those who have eyes to see!"

Dr. Norman Shealy, world renowned neurosurgeon,
founder of the American
Holistic Medical Association,
 inventor of the TENS gentle
electrical stim unit for pain,
author of  "The Creation of Health" with Caroline Myss


"It is easy to write off prescription drug deaths, medical errors, and U.S. health care crisis statistics as just numbers. However, they are not. In a well researched,
impeccably documented, finely written manner, Gwen Olsen has given us account of the gripping details
of real people hurt by the failures of modern health
care. A former pharmaceutical representative herself, the information is as credible as it is compelling.
 It is vital for those currently taking medication for their pain
 to read and understand this book."

Dr. Ben Lerner, chiropractor and New York Times best selling author of "Body by God"


"I love Gwen Olsen's book, and I am delighted to
have her as an ally in exposing the truth about
big pharma and biopsychiatry.

Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher is a powerful book.
Olsen knows her drug facts, she knows the ins and outs of
pharma selling, and she knows the tragedy and pain of personal trauma from the effects of psychiatric drugs. Confessions blends all three and I most highly recommend the book!"

John Breeding, PhD, psychologist and author of
"The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses"



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