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"The Dangers of the Silver
in Your Mouth

with Freya Koss - Founder and President of the
PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry
and Attorney Charlie Brown and Dr. Blanche Grube

Above you can see the results Freya had in response to mercury in her amalgams. Join our show so you can listen to her full story. She is now an activist working to warn people of the dangers of mercury amalgams.
Charles G. Brown, formerly Attorney General of West Virginia, is national counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice. He spearheads the national campaign to expose deceptive practices of the American Dental Association.


Dr. Blanche Grube practices biological, mercury free, mercury safe and healthy dentistry. Dr. Grube is also a Doctor of Integrative Medicine and she and her dental team provide its own special perspective on health, healing, and harmony. She and her staff take great pride in providing long-lasting mercury-free, biocompatible, aesthetic, and non-toxic biological dentistry.
Join Marilee as she interviews Freya Koss, Charlie Brown, Atty. and Dr. Blanche D. Grube. 

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Dear Marilee, I'd like to thank you for your coverage of the mercury "controversy". The questions you posed to Dr. Grube, Frea, and Mr. Brown were insightful and to the point. As Frea said at the end of the interview, it's hard to get an in depth and on point discussion of the matter in the media due to the misleading and often unconscionable information coming from organized dentistry and the various governmental agencies that exist to take care of us. I've been a mercury-safe dentist for the last fifteen years and have seen very little movement or even interest in this issue. I hope change is coming.
Yours in health,
Owen Allison DMD, AIAOMT


My family's dentist put amalgam fillings in my teeth when I was 17 years old - with perfect teeth - because he said my teeth were starting to get soft (?) and he was going to protect them. I trusted authorities at that time (but no longer).

Thirty years later, I had those fillings removed because of my growing awareness of their toxicity (but unfortunately, they were still in my teeth during the years I was pregnant and breastfeeding my three children).

I have Hall Huggins' book.

In my body, I am working to overcome a low functioning thyroid (hypothyroid), digestive issues, and brain function issues (all greatly improved through using Young Living essential oils and products).

Marilee, I so much appreciate your making this information available! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is time! It is more than time! You are doing a great public service by helping increase people's awareness!

Question: Has anyone typed this program out? I would like to download it in printed form if it is available.

Wishing you blessings,

Dear Ms. Marilee:

Thank you so much for the show on silver in the mouth, use of mercury amalgum for fillings. God bless you for your shows.

Rev. Dr. Ronald L. "Chief Grey Eagle" Sims

Dear Marilee,

I was really impressed and grateful for the beautiful job you did interviewing these three pillars of the movement to get the truth out about mercury amalgam! Having all three was such a good idea. Each has an important perspective and all three have studied and practiced what they advocate for a good number of years.

As a mother that had amalgams drilled and replaced with new amalgam 28 years ago and whose daughter is now on disability at 27 years old, I am very devoted to getting the word out so this doesn't have to happen again. I will share this with others and point them toward your site for future interviews. It looks like you talk with a lot of interesting people in the natural health field.

Thank you for providing such a needed service with grace and respect!
Judy Roberson

Hi Marilee,

Wanted to thank you for the longest time for the Carolyn Myss interview, and now for the "heavy metals" in our mouths,

each show you have is so enlightening and educational.

Have  a restful long weekend!

Best Regards,

Marilee Tolen RN, HN-BC
Host, "Green Tea with Marilee" Show

Please. . . . join us for tea!  Green Tea, that is!

The "Green Tea with Marilee" Show presents natural health tips, product reviews, and interviews with alternative health and holistic nutrition experts.

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